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Dad set 3 year old daughter on fire because she was too beautiful !

A Perth father who set his three-year-old daughter on fire told a neighbour he did it

Accidental Upskirts That You Don’t Want To Miss

Underwear, panty holes and two skirts…and she STILL became exposed. Source: http://unaware-upskirt.tumblr.com/ Even actresses have a

15 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Hide your valuables in a suntan lotion bottle at the beach. These simple avocado and provolone

10 Fails That Are So Terrible and Impossible Not To Laugh

#1 Nothing Rhymes With Fire Orange  http://source http://www.boredpanda.com #2 Toddler Swing  http://source http://www.boredpanda.com

9 Embarrassing Photos From Under-18 Club

Look at this 6.


Nice beach bod, dude. Everyone should follow this guy’s workout routine.  It’s like he wants to

18 Most EMBARRASSING Moments Caught On Camera

The Amazing Spider… Oops! We can definitely trust superheroes, right? That’s exactly what this poor TV

Creepy Images Show How Surgeries Were Done In The Early 17th Century

  The tonsil guillotine got it’s scary name from the original machine used to decapitate people.

Soldier Found Out His Wife SLEPT With 60 Men Behind His Back, This Is What The Revenge Was.

It’s one of those painful army love stories that we’ve heard before. After they were introduced

Man Who Was Shot Appears To Be ‘POSSESSED By The Devil’ And Does Something Terrifying

A man showed up at the Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He